Problems also on trulli. “Administrators’ guilt”
From the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
Daily of Puglia and Basilicata December 2002
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Unesco, you risk
Problems also on trulli. “Administrators’ guilt”

INTERVIEW / Speaks urbanist Pietro Laureano. They also nominated Tarantino’s graves

By Gianluigi de Vito

Pietro Laureano is an architect and urbanist. He is UNESCO consultant for arid areas, Islamic civilization and perilous ecosystems. He worked extensively for years in the Sahara and coordinated projects in Algeria, Jordan, Yemen and Ethiopia. He is the author of the reports that led to the inclusion of the Sassi of Matera and the Cilento Park on the Unesco World Heritage List. He is now preparing the report on the tarantine gravine. He is an Italian representative in the United Nations Scientific Disciplinary Technical Committee for the Fight against Desertification, and as Chairman of the Traditional Knowledge Panel has promoted a world database on the local knowledge system.
He teaches History of the City and Territory at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Bari.
We interviewed him. They see it up and down the gravestones of Murgia tarantina.

“The province of Taranto has given me the proposal to claim the graves to the Unesco World Heritage list. And the entry would be an enlargement of Matera’s candidacy as the bearing characters present in the graves of the Ionic Arc, from Gravina di Puglia to Ginosa, to Castellaneta, Massafra, Palagianello to Grottaglie, are the same. “
Matera and Unesco. We enter the tenth year since the Sassi’s entry into the World Heritage List of Humanity. A budget.
“The city was successful. Remember? In 93 the insertion of Matera into the Unesco World Heritage was by no means desirable.
Of course, the “Italian jewels” with the UNESCO brand were very few and all from Rome up. However, the impression derived from the “diversification” created in the Sassi is that enrollment in the World Heritage was an image operation used to make money with tourists and tear off any set and vip. But cultural enhancement? “The tenth year is verifiable. Everything that has been done has to be monitored, how it has been and where it has been since the city has been inserted, because when a good goes to the World Heritage List, a convention is drawn where the state He is committed to respecting dcterrninate things. That is, it is committed to ensuring the preservation of the protected good, to giving it visibility, to making it open and accessible to anyone. All values ​​that had been indicated but that were not rendered to Matera. We have a town that from prehistoric times has passed on ways of living based on re-
Sparing resources, water collection and sustainability. This value scenario in Matera had to be made available. But it is still concealed. “

What will happen?
“That verification can lead to a deletion of the Sassi from the Unclosure list.” Blame? “Of the cementitious which is eating prehistory, triturating the Neolithic villages. To shoot 11 movies of Mel Gibson have been reproduced false fortifications, but there are real ones and nobody cares about restoring them and enhancing them. There is no concrete study on these aspects, we know nothing about classical cities. Do you want a paradox?
Matera has never been included in the list of Italian cultural assets, it is not yet bound by the Superintendencies. Anyone can do what he wants. The road that was to be the craft street, the one of the shops, via Fiorentini, is always closed, because the concessions were given to the artisans who were not. We asked for massacred rockets, the Radogna masseria rebuilt with concrete, the dry walls in the Cemented Park. “
So you’re right about me?
Did not you trust much in Unesco paper? “Who did not believe in UNESCO is because he does not believe in the” City Sassi “.
I think the whole idea of ​​UNESCO has never been truly accepted, rather it has been suffered and then ridden in the face of success. Sassi city means a city that from prehistory reaches to modernity, a city of stone that becomes a sustainable city.
But instead Matera of the pastas, bars, walks, winery aesthetics or misery counts. Just as it was not accepted that Matera would become the seat of one of the United Nations agencies.
Matera is a UN agency?
“This possibility is concrete, has been carried out by the Prodi government and strongly reiterated by the current government that it wants Matera to have a United Nations office referring to the development of traditional knowledge. An idea supported by the United Nations, but it has no local support. “
And why?
“Clientelism and nepotism still work here. Which is then the limit of the whole South. The ruling class of local interests did not allow itself to confront immediately with an international eye, working with a real, thick conservation program, with the need to make it a habitable and functional city, conjugating Conservation needs with those of progress. This would create incredible resources, from Urban plans to Agenda 2000.
At the last UNESCO summit in Venice. 8 cities met with the organization of conferences and international protocols. Matera was not present and the administration delegated to handle this thing to UNESCO’s people who do not know anything about it. “
Excuse me, Laureate, but then the success of which spoke before?
“Mattresses have invested in the Sassi, they believed and came back to live there. This is a vital presence, but it also imposes that the Sassi themselves are more and more habitable, unmoved cars.
It assumes the idea of ​​a city with a mobility plan inside, fully pedestrianized, but with advanced systems such as vertical elevators.
But these processes must be guided and the administration has to exercise control because then there are people who do disasters: overhangs, roofs and subtypes. And the retrieval model of archaic cities, stone cities, disappears. A model that applies to all graves as well as to other parts of the world, because we have rock art systems throughout North Africa and up to China. Matera’s quality interventions, which tackle this kind of issues, would be for UNESCO’s pilot experience. “
Let’s take a moment.
Alberobello. Even Trulli are at risk of a relegation?
“The situation is even worse. The risk of Matera is that it takes the direction of Alberobello, from getting into a city that sells industrial objects that have no relation to local creativity. For Alberobello, in my opinion, a fundamental error was made: all the Valle d’Itria had been inserted. “