ICOMOS Custodians of the Heritage, Seekers of Meaning: Participation Forum for the G7 of the culture of Florence: Heritage and Sustainability in the SDGs 2030

The aims were the communication and the strengthening of ICOMOS Italy, concrete actions for the protection of the areas at risk and to face the global climatic, hydrogeological, migratory crises giving responsibility and legitimacy to the safeguard associations and the communities. The new vision is to overcome the monumental approach to Heritage by affirming the centrality of the peoples who made it and their role in management and participation. A model based on inclusiveness, maintenance, landscape beauty, health care, complete traceability, recycling, local knowledge and self-enhancement has been proposed, focusing on human values. The conference was divided into working groups to implement good practices.


The site chosen for the forum, the complex of the SS. Annunziata has a high symbolic value: sacred space and the cradle of creation. A summary of the spirituality and the identity of Florence is a concentration of the whole Renaissance whose artists, including Leonardo, Michelangelo, Andrea del Sarto, Pontormo, Giambologna, made it their home by creating masterpieces. Guarded by the Servants of Mary, who founded it in 1250, it is the example over the centuries of how the community creates and preserves the city. In the cloister of the SS. Annunziata were shown prototypes intended as a gift to the areas of the earthquake.


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