Anti-educational and hypocritical empties the water reservoir because a boy has pecked you

It disagrees with the news that a 30-million-liter water reservoir in Portland, Oregon, has been emptied for a boy to pee. The incident and the comments it has raised demonstrate the low consideration of the level of consciousness and intelligence of people. You want to believe that drinking water comes from who knows what immaculate collection system the world’s water consumption has now exhausted any chance of virgin sources and everywhere you use open-air docks to respond to the big thirst of the cities . This water is normally exposed to any kind of organic contamination and is effectively treated to make it pure. Making believe that it is not true emptying a dock because someone peeps you is false and anti-educational. Water on the planet is always the same from its early geologists. We drink water molecules that have been the dinosaur’s pee. The process is part of the wonderful cycles of nature that does not waste, but only and reused. That’s what you should teach: every discharge is a resource. In Florence the aqueduct draws directly into the center from a river subject to any form of contamination. Water is perfectly purified as it does in natural processes and becomes of the highest quality. The problem is that this water is supplied to the homes. The scandal is that ninety percent of this perfectly drinkable water is used to wash and end up in flushes for people to drink mineral water. In a world where 300,000 children die every day for lack of potable water we can not afford these behaviors and accept that a basin of 30 million gallons of water is hypocritically emptied for a boy to pee.

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