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Si era detto da lungo tempo dell’inutilita’ di queste grandi opere. La vicenda di Venezia è una terribile lezione e purtroppo nello stesso modo si sta agendo rispetto alle crisi globali della fame, il clima e l’acqua
The ponds landscape in Austria collect rainwater and allow fishing, irrigation, flood prevention, creating conditions of extraordinary beauty . conference promoted by HIRH Andreas Salvador Habsburg Lothringen President of the Institute of Traditional Knowledge (ITKI) Austria PietroLaureano photo
The Frank Gehry tower reflects the light captured by Van Gogh and with the Luma foundation it promotes the arts and culture. We inaugurated it with the Mediterranean conference of COPAM wanted by the French president Macron as part of the 5 + 5 initiative
Conference on Inter-religious dialogue. It is an important topic for progress and peace, a fundamental theme of UNESCO. It will be an opportunity for me to talk about the UNESCO candidacies in Basilicata and in particular the Rabatane, the result of the Muslim presence PietroLaureano photo
The fighters of the Tigray take control of Lalibela. We hope respect for the population, for this extraordinary heritage of humanity and for a quick peaceful solution
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