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With Mounir Bouchenaki, Francesco Bandarin, Michael Turner and UNESCO friends to celebrate in Florence the 50th anniversary of the Convention. The purpose of the Convention is not a compétition between States but to enhance local communities, their knowledge and aspirations PietroLaureano photo
In fact it was founded in 1759 by the great poet, astronomer, vizier Mollah Panah Vagif who made his madrasa there by coming to Shusha with 17 families from his native village from whose name probably derives that of the neighborhood and the mosque
“Se vuoi la pace preparare la comprensione” Domenica 16 ottobre ore 10 Istituto degli Innocenti Firenze
Domenica 16 ottobre ore 10:00 presso l'Istituto degli Innocenti a Firenze tutti invitati alla presentazione del libro di Giulio Cipollone. Capire a chi interessa il conflitto per promuovere il multiculturalismo e la comprensione reciproca, unica via verso la pace. PietroLaureano photo
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