Do not flush the toilet: droppings produce energy for your home and your car

Designed on behalf of UNESCO to the archaeological site of Petra in Jordan a type of toilet that not only does not need water but produces energy from excrement. (Cried) promoted by UNESCO through the ancient wisdom to find new ways to save water and energy. The archaeological site of Petra with its famous monuments carved into the rock receives a growing number of visitors for whom it was necessary to include an adequate number of toilets. Over time, we have multiplied the chemical toilets, that are pollutingdisfigure the landscape, and conventional toilets, in need of power supply and disposal of water carried by truck and lorries. “The situation was untenable, especially in a place that has been in history an outstanding example of careful management of water resources in the desert, “said PietroLaureano . So a system was designed without the use of water closets, who do not need water and sewer connection and directly produce energy from manure. , methane, which is practically. The technique proposed in Petra is useful for creating new toilets not connected to networks in homes, and do not waste water but produce energy. , Laureano says, It was used by the Assyrians 3000 years ago to heat their baths and perhaps even the first Neolithic settlements “. Today you can make mini biogas plants consist of hermetically sealed containers and sterile. So human excreta are transformed directly into the anaerobicand toilet, through a micro turbine, generating electricity from biogas, or directly powers the heating, the kitchen stove or even a car on natural gas. If then you have use of a garden, the biogas plant can be of larger size and come supplied with any remaining moist and plant. The processed product 10 – 20 days will be natural gas, a liquid fertilizer and water. “It is not surprising, explains PietroLaureano, because all the water we drink comes from these naturally occurring chemical transformations and the system is already in use for the water supply of the astronauts, that practically drink their own urine and their droppings are turned into energy. The new town and the houses of the future come from re-label these elements as basic as a toilet “. Then flush the toilet has become a gesture to replace outdated and unethical with solutions that lead to energy independence and autonomy of those who were called using waste as a resource.

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