International Forum on Beijing World Agricultural Systems Press Release n. 3

Concluding statement n 3 of 3

The FAO International Forum dedicated to the Ingenial Global Agricultural Property Systems (GIAHS) was concluded today in Beijing. 150 experts representing 120 bodies of which 70 Member States and 50 Organizations participated in the works. The Forum discussed issues related to agriculture, water law and nutrition in view of the achievement of the Millennium and Next Rio + 20 goals. On the closing day, the world’s world-wide ‘Whole humanity.

Among others, the pastoral systems of the Masai in Tanzania and Kenya were recognized as a special award for the common use of water and land resources and for the respect brought to tradition by nature and life. Among the Masai there is no concept of private resource appropriation and no animal is killed except for defense or ritual purposes.

An important acknowledgment went to the model of the recognized oasis as the greatest human achievement in the management of arid zones and the prudent use of water. The oases of the High Atlas in Morocco were recognized; The oasis of El Oued in Algeria, the oasis of Gabsa in Tunisia. In China, the landscape of Yunan terraces was recorded in the Hani Honge area, Xuanhua funnel vine systems in the north of Beijing, and rice cultivation on floating terraces in symbiosis with fish and ducks of Qingtian and Congjiang.

The landscapes of Soto and Sado in the northern peninsula of Noto, featuring a special integration of village-sea, village-village, mountain village called in the tradition of Satoyama and Satouni, have been inserted in Japan, a philosophy that has allowed the preservation of a rural ecosystem, Mountain and sea of ​​great complexity and beauty.

The criteria used in the selection of rural landscapes are:

The contribution of rural systems to food production

They are home to biodiversity

The presence of traditional knowledge still used in management

The riches and cultural quality

Integration, quality and landscape beauty


The next Forum will be held in two years during which other applications will be evaluated. They have proposed hosting the United States Forum with the Berkley University in Californian and Morocco.

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