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Biden quotes Saint Augustin Northafrican Berber born in 354 AD: a people is a multitude defined by the common objects of their love. It is a splendid definition of identity, built with everyone and anyone based on what we share and love, more important than any nationalism PietroLaureano photo

Oggi 8 gennaio 2021 alle 9,30 presentazione pubblica in rete del progetto del Parco del Caveoso di Matera

London East University School of Architecture November lectures. Anyone wishing to listen my lesson “Learning from ecosystems. From the desert to the cities of stone ”can do by connecting on December 4th at 2 pm Italian time to the site indicated in the poster. PietroLaureano photo

The stone wall around the olive tree is not a tower but a system to produce water Today @UNESCO celebrate the first World Olive Tree as symbol of peace, environmental sustainability and traditional technology

Significativa opera dell’artista Pejac che ha dipinto una crepa su un muro dell’ Ospedale Marqués de Valdecilla in Spagna composta da persone che si assiepano ma anche distanziano ed amano
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