Kasbah Algeri 2002-2007

ITALIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY Planning, Coordination and realization of the project “Training course on the restoration and the valorisation of the Algeri Kasbah through traditional techniques and [...]

Riade 2003

ENEA Coordinator of the project “ Study of the relations between territory, traditional knowledge and use of natural resources and climate change in the whole territory between the Puglia and [...]

Matera 1999-2000

In the framework of the activities foreseen by PAN (Programme Action National), Organisation and co-ordination, for the UNCCD Secretariat, of two meetings of the ad hoc Panel on traditional [...]

DIPARCH project 1998

ITALIAN DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, SKILL, UNIVERSITY Co-planning and coordinator for the project DIPARCH Environmental Defence of the Architectural Heritage.The acronym DIPARC stands for [...]