Coordination of the European project “Resourcenet. Coordination of actions granted by EU and other international organisms to rational use of natural resources in arid and semiarid areas”; 6th FP, INCO-Specific Support Action; Scientific measures in support of International Co-operation Mediterranean Partners Countries ( MPC).

The proposal aims at carrying out a coordination action among the most relevant ongoing projects concerning the rational use of natural resource in arid and semiarid Mediterranean areas by traditional techniques . “Foggara”, “Shaduf”, “Desertlink”, “Wasamed”, “Medcoastal” “Index” “Cledmes” are projects granted by UE. It is strong from all these actors the necessity of a coherent inventory of the ongoing initiatives as well as a discussion forum in order to harmonize and integrate terminology, methodology, objectives, indicators and plans of action. Such coordination work will foster the international cooperation and the convergence of European and Mediterranean research efforts for the rational use of natural resource in arid and semiarid areas; will contribute to the development of common and integrated approaches and strategies to the issue; will integrate research capacities currently existing and emerging in the framework of the various projects; will promote dissemination of information and exchange of experience among different working teams; will strengthen the complementarities of the different projects activities.

Resourcenet Project 2005-2007

Resourcenet Project 2005-2007

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